Adopt this Practice to Explode Your Social Media Content Results

Social Media success is closer than you think

During the early days of my marketing endeavors on Facebook, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I thought that I all I had to do was “write stuff” and not only, would my audience just miraculously show up, but they would love everything I ever did. To some degree it happened, my best guess is that about 5% of my audience would appreciate my content.

But given how expensive or time consuming it was to produce content, it quickly dawned on me that this was a dead end. As hot as the content may seem to me, my friends and my family, it fell flat with the vast majority of my page fans.

I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel because I was not getting the return on effort, much less the return on investment that I had hoped for. I was spending thousands of dollars and getting only a few dozen bucks in return. Not exactly a winning proposition, right?

Well, I was pretty much ready to quit marketing on Facebook until I discovered something by accident that led to an explosion in my profits. I found out that when I posted articles on Facebook, people would wonder if there is some sort of cheat sheet, shortcut, or even tutorial video.

A significant chunk of my readership on Facebook love the content. They would “like” my stuff, they would post comments, but somehow, some way, I wasn’t able to take them from engagement all the way to profitability. All that changed when I paid attention to the comments they were leaving on my Facebook page.

People were clamoring for diagrams, infographics, explanatory cheat sheets, resource sheets, and videos. So what did I do? I took the exact same articles that I’ve written several months before, and turned them into short videos, which were essentially just glorified slideshows with voice-overs, diagrams, infographics, and a whole host of derivative or repurposed content.

I then posted these materials on Facebook as well as on other platforms that specialized in that type of format. For example, for infographics, diagrams and explanatory pictures, I would use Pinterest and Instagram. For videos, I would upload on YouTube. For good measure, I would make sure I would submit everything to StumbleUpon.

After repurposing a couple of articles, I was just blown away by the results. I was getting a lot more traffic, a lot more engagement, and finally, a small but increasingly significant portion of my traffic was actually converting into cold, hard cash. People were signing up for my affiliate products. Some signed up for my webinar.

Based on my experience, repurposing content can go a long way in maximizing the results you get from your social media content.

While it is far from some sort of slam dunk or magic bullet solution, it definitely goes a long way in maximizing your reach because if you have more content to post on your Twitter feed, Facebook page, Facebook groups, Pinterest pin board, YouTube channel, you have many bites at the apple.

Also, if you go the extra step of making all these pieces of content refer back to each other, you are essentially branding your target audience members several times on many different platforms. Don’t be too shocked if a lot more people sign up to your mailing list and eventually you start making a lot more money. 

Just like with anything else in online marketing, there is a right way to do it and the wrong way to do it. Let me warn you in advance. If you repurpose content or create derivative materials the wrong way, you will end up in a much deeper hole than when you began. Read my book to get the inside scoop on how to do this faster, cheaper and more effectively

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