Getting Motivated and Organized To Do What You Need To Do

What is holding you back?

For most people, it’s a lack of motivation.  You might think that it’s a lack of knowledge, but it’s very likely not that.

If you are not taking the steps that you need to take to be successful, there are two factors at work.  First is the “blank page” syndrome, the second is the perceived lack of reward at the end.  Let’s talk a little about both.

What is the “blank page” syndrome?  Imagine you are a short story writer and you want to write a new story.  You open your computer, turn on your work processor and begin writing.  At least, you want to begin writing, but you are staring at a blank computer screen.  This is a challenge for many writers.  We can all build on something that is already there, but starting something from nothing is more difficult.

Your perceived lack of reward. This is another challenge for people beginning a new project, you get to the end of a difficult task and you think to yourself, now what?  It’s always easier to get to the end of something difficult when you know there will be some kind of prize at the end.

So let’s put these thoughts together.

First, it’s not your lack of knowledge that is holding you back.  You might simply not know what step to take first.  When I was trying to create a new video series, I was held back because I had trouble putting all the information into a useable, understandable sequence.

I pulled out a sheet of paper and simply wrote down all the steps.  It was a simple action that finally got me to take the big action.  That is how I overcame my own “blank page”.

Second, picture your reward at the end.  It is very likely that any one single step will be the only step to achieving your final goal.  However, without that first step, there are no additional steps.  Let’s say you write a single article.  That article can be:

·         An Article

·         A blueprint for a video

·         A blog post

·         A forum entry

·         One section in an ebook

·         And very likely a lot more.

But you have to write that first article.

The same advice applies to everything that you do online or in your life.

1.       Make a List:  list everything you need to do, not just today but overall.

2.       Prioritize:   There are a lot of things you need to do.  What is the most important?

3.       Reward:  If there isn’t a tangible reward at the end for accomplishing something, then create one.  If you get through today’s list, then go for ice cream.  Do something then reward yourself.

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